Our Services

Our Aim
By delivering the goods worldwide we strive to unite people, bring them closer to each other.


Our specialization
We are strong in the deliveries of the goods with the exceeding dimensions and weight as well as industrial projects transportation.

Our directions
Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, China, India...We constantly explore new routes


The variety of transportation modes
We deliver the oversized, part and full truck loads by means of road, rail, sea and air transport.

Document assistance

We issue the permits and projects for the OOG-transport. We support you in receiving agreements from the authorities as well as in the route investigation.

We provide the OOG-transport with piloting as well as the convoy with the road police car/authorized pilot.

Our offer

It is our pleasure to offer you a wide array of services in the sphere of the international transportation of cargo.

Together with our specializationthe delivery of out of gauge, heavy lift and project cargo – we fulfill the transport of full truck loads and by-loads, dangerous and high value goods as well as cargo demanding special conditions of carriage by any transport mode.


The directions which we cover are the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic states on the one hand  and the countries of CIS (including Central Asia as well as Mongolia and Far East Russia) on the other hand.


The services available extend to various types of loads:

- full truck loads (tilt trailers from 86 m3 to 120 m3 using outsource transport);

- Part truck loads (with further consolidation of goods at the warehouses in Poland and Lithuania or carrying without transshipment). The delivery of by-loads is carried out throughout CIS including Central Asia. Apart from consolidation services we offer the delivery of export and import goods with low-tonnage vehicles (from1 to10 tons), as well as piloting through the territory of Belarus and Russia.

- Temperature-controlled cargo

- Dangerous goods (except class 1)

- High value cargo

- Refrigerated by-loads (less than a truckload) as well as by-loads demanding special conditions of carriage (including dangerous and high value cargo)

However we don’t limit ourselves to the road transport. Thanks to our reliable partners we can organize the delivery by means of containers of any type (including the Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Persian Gulf), by air, by rail as well as turn to multimodal transport, combining several transport modes.