Over dimensional cargo

Within the framework of the out of gauge cargo transportation we offer several ways of transport by road :

  1. delivery by means of tilt trailers with partially or completely pulled down tarp

-          volume 82 m3, inner height 2,50 m;

-          volume 92-95 m3, inner height 2,73-2,75 m;

-          volume 100 m3, inner height 3,00 m;

-          volume 104m3, inner height 2,80-3,18 m (JUMBO);

-          volume 120m3,inner height 3,05m (large-volume truck)

Due to the special permissions, extra-facilities and piloting the vehicles can be used for the transportation of the out of gauge cargo with the dimensions:

Length up to 15,5 m;

Width up to 4,50 m;

Height up to 3,50 m:

Weight up to 25 tons

The main advantage of such kind of transportation is minimizing transport expenditures and terms of delivery as well as simplification of the process of transportation.

2. Delivery by means of special machinery used for transportation of heavy lifts and oversized goods:

We use special trailers to fulfill the transportation of the out of gauge goods exceeding the dimensions:

Length – 30 m :

Width – 9 m;

Height – 6 m;

Weight – 200 tons.


The technical characteristics and construction of various kinds of trucks differ essentially, that is why it is necessary to estimate the characteristics of the cargo in advance. The special machinery is chosen according to the dimensions of the load, its peculiarities, the route and the client’s regards.


3. As a rule, oversized and extra-heavy goods are transported on modular trailers with a maximum number of axles

Such type of cargo demands special project which is ordered by our company together with the necessary agreements from the authorities.

Перевозки такого типа, помимо наличия специальных разрешений на проезд негабаритного/ тяжеловесного транспорта и сопровождения сотрудниками Госавтоинспекции,  требуют наличия специального проекта перевозки, который заказывается нашим предприятием, а также согласовывается  в соответствующих дорожных службах и научно- исследовательских институтах.