In the sphere of the out of gauge cargo transport we aim at providing our clients with the whole set of services reflecting our technical potential, comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience and rich network of partners.


We are glad to offer:

- Our substantial experience in transport of the out of gauge loads including heavylifts and oversized cargo using different transport modes;

- analysis of the possible variants of the out of gauge load delivery (by road, rail, inland waterways) and choosing the most efficient combination of transport modes;

- coordination, consolidation, overloading, registration and storage in the port or long-time storage in the warehouses, organizing expert inspections and offering other services which help to find the most appropriate transport solutions;

- photo reports made during handling and transportation itself, as well as written reports about the state and location of the cargo provided twice a day;

- piloting with the escort car to reduce the costs and time of  the delivery;

- piloting with the police cars, or on certain legs - accompanying the cargo with special machinery of communication, grid electrical and electrical vehicle services;

- issuing permits for the transportation of  the out of gauge cargo and heavylifts in short time including agreements with road department and railroad sections, agreements with municipal communication, grid electrical and electrical vehicle services within a certain locality;

- receiving all necessary agreements and permits by our specialist who is in touch with the authorities. It helps us to reduce the time demanded on preparation of transportation and  to provide our clients with the most precise, credible and timely information on the subject of technical examination of the route, resolutions of the authorities, the necessity of additional construction work on the route to ensure the most precise and advantageous estimation of the costs, terms of the transportation and its potential;

- examination of the route – our specialist will carry out  the detailed examination on site to make up the description of the technical  potential for the transport of heavylifts and oversized cargo. The resolution composed includes the facts about the presence and state of bridges and viaducts, the necessity of the additional construction work to ensure the transportation. Thus the state project authorities are no longer involved into the estimation of the transportation terms and potential. It obviously saves your time and money.

- After the examination the information is directed to the state authorities who make up the technical project according to the necessary form certified by official bodies and authorities. Thus our clients get timely and credible information which is essential to make reasonable decisions and reduce the costs on the stage of planning and choosing the way of the project cargo delivery;

Moreover we offer assistance in:

- Production and leasing of additional stowage, strapping  and covering devices used to secure the transport of heavylifts and oversized cargo;

- Leasing of cranes and handling machinery;

- Composing documents and providing legal aid for the projects with Belarus as the point of destination;

Organizing custom clearance for the cargo with Belarus as the place of delivery;