Permits, agreements, piloting

Dear partners,


Our company provides support in issuing permits for transport of the out of gauge and heavylift cargo on the territory of EU and CIS.

According to the current legislation permits are required if a loaded vehicle exceeds the dimensions:

Width  - 2,55 m

Height  - 4 m

Weight - 38 tons

The time necessary for receiving the permits depends on the dimensions and weight of cargo as well as complexity of the route.

We ensure the route examination carried out by the state organizations as well as technical resolutions about the transport possibility of the out of gauge and heavylift cargo.

While planning the route our company pays attention to the complicated areas and agrees on the terms of transportation with the following authorities:

-Bridge construction service

-Road police

-Railway department

-Trolley bus department

-Grid electrical service.

For the convenience of the client the permits can be delivered by our courier to any transport gate.

We offer piloting with the escort cars during the delivery of heavylifts and oversized goods over the territory of EU and CIS.

One escort car can accompany 3-4 trucks in convoy at a time, together with police car – up to 5-6 trucks at a time.

An escort car is equipped with an orange blinking beacon light, light-reflective stripes and loudspeaker which makes it visible on the road.

Our vehicles are also equipped with the GPS-system. Due to it we are able to get the information about the location of trucks and the process of transportation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Moreover by means of special software installed at the navigation systems the drivers can find petrol stations and inns with better references and at the same time keep to working and resting arrangements.

Taking the extensive experience of our staff into consideration you can be sure that we will find appropriate transport solution and do our best to avoid delay in delivery or other inconvenience.